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Professional Dentistry

We offer high quality service and dental care.

Emergency Help

We are always available to assist in any emergency.

Call: 072 483 4623

24/7 Support

Our Whatsapp line is there to assist with any queries.

Message: 0724834623

Medical Aid Partners

We have a variety of partners. Contact us to check with our partners.


Some Frequently asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are located in the heart of Sinoville, Pretoria. Click here to go to our online map.

How much are your consultation fees?

Depending on what our team will be doing. Feel free to contact us on 072 483 4623 or info@dentalaesthetics.co.za

How long does an appointment take?

Our bookings are made for half an hour sessions for new patients. If a patient needs to have a follow up, the appointment will be made accordingly to the procedure. Each patient's appointment time may vary.

We have a support Whatsapp number for any queries. 

072 483 4623

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We Provide World Class Dentistry

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