Crown and Bridge work

Crown may be needed when a tooth is damaged, cracked or decayed. A Crown is a permanent cover that is fitted over the original tooth. The Crown can be made out of porcelain, gold or other metals. The most common crown is porcelain, it have the most realistic appearance. Crowns can be reshaped realign and even whitened, adding to a vibrant and healthy smile. 

A Bridge is an object that is used to replace the space of a tooth that has been removed. A Bridge consist of a tooth filler that is attached at to surrounding crowns. It is then bonded into the mouth once complete. Without the use of a bridge, spaces where natural teeth are missing will cause multiple teeth to move and shift that can cause biting and/or jaw problems. Bridges


The process of Crowns/Bridges can take up to two visits to the dentist's office. During the initial visit, the area is numbed with local anesthetic. The dentist will then prepare the necessary teeth by cleaning any plaque or decay and reducing them so that the crown can be fitted. A mold is then made of the teeth and is sent of to a dental lap where the impressions is prepared. The mold can take up to two weeks to return to the dental office. In the interim, the patient is fitted for a temporary crown/bridge. When the patient return the temporary crown/bridge is then replaced with a permanent one. The crown/bridge is then adjusted for a proper bite and fit, then bonded into the mouth permanently.


Because crowns are conducted as a single piece, special care must be taken too ensure the gum line and surrounding areas are kept clean. Special floss is sometimes necessary to clean underneath the teeth and maintaining a strong healthy gum. With the correct and proper care, crowns/bridges can hold for many years. Don't hesitate to ask our doctor. Contact us today!